The Outlawz was originally created in 2011 as a place for craft loving people to meet and enjoy sharing their love of craft and their creations with each other.

It hasn’t changed!

We ask that you please read, respect and follow the rules of this blog and any of our challenges you are playing in as each are different.

The Design Teams are not here to police the site, they are here to support your creativity and encourage you to continue creating beautiful works of art.

We would ask that you do respect each other and help and support any members that need it.

You are allowed up to three (3) entries to the challenges and you can enter all three (3) of them into the drawing for the monthly site wide prize drawing located on the MAIN BLOG. Please note that if you enter one card in 2 ore more Outlawz Challenges that you can not enter the card twice to site wide prize drawing.

No backlinking. Any projects posted on your blog/online gallery before the start date of a challenge should not be entered and will not be eligible for prizes.

Please post your own creations only to the challenges.

Currently there are two ways to win a prize which will be announced on this blog on the 15th of each month and our Facebook Fan Page.

1. Each challenge has Sponsors that you can win prizes from. Please read and follow the rules for that challenge and how prizes are awarded.

2. We have sitewide Sponsors that you can win prizes from. All you have to do is enter your card/project into a linky here on the MAIN blog. Winners are chosen via
  • You can only enter a card that you entered in a concurrent Outlawz Challenge.
  • You can only enter a specific card one time.
If you use Instagram and post your card/project, please use #theoutlawzchallenges

There are some things we will not allow – spamming is strictly forbidden and we will immediately remove any spammer from any blog we run.

We will not allow bullying of any kind and bullies will also be evicted!

Please do not use stolen images – the artists that create the digital stamps and papers that you use work hard and invest in their products and by using a stolen image/paper you are stealing from them just the same as if I came to your house and stole your wallet! You wouldn’t like it would you?

Also please do not share artists images without their consent – it’s just the same as stealing!

We would love to see all your beautiful papercraft projects but we are also happy to see digital works as well. If you love mixed media and your work will fit a challenge then please enter it!

If you have any queries about a challenge the DT will always help you and if you have any bad experiences on the site, please contact me as soon as possible.

Enjoy your time with us and as a final comment I would say if you can’t say something nice about someone then please don’t say anything at all!

Happy crafting,
Laurian Macdonald
Site Owner

Sandra van Blaricum
Cara Malmrose
Anne Fenton

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